Annual Advisory Committee Meeting

The Advisory Committee for Curricula at the Faculty of Pharmacy held its second annual meeting at the Osuris Hall at Green Plaza in Alexandria, Egypt on 15th August 2017. Dr. Salma Bukhatwa, Dean; Faculty of Pharmacy at Libyan International Medical University (LIMU), led the meeting that included advisors from the Universities of Alexandria and Mansoura in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Universities of King Abdul Aziz and Dammam in Saudi Arabia. The committee was able, through a series of meetings, to review all PharmD program stages and to evaluate performance during the last academic year 2016/2017. In addition, the committee reviewed the contents and integration among disciplines, within the second year curriculum of the program. The Committee also reviewed the learning and training activities of the program to ensure that it conforms to the global accreditation standards. It is worth mentioning here that the Faculty of Pharmacy at LIMU, is the first in Libya, which adopts the PharmD program as one of its educational programs. LIMU PharmD program is delivered to students using new learning and teaching methods where the student is the focus of the educational process.

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